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Taking Back the States

Stay up-to-date with the latest in ALL news regarding the North American Exclusion Zone, and the ongoing battle against it in our very own special news category: "Taking Back the States"

NA Exclusion Zone Reclamation Efforts Under Way
September 01, 2021 4:32 AM
(UBC NEWS) - As the newest wave of evacuees from the West settles into their new homes, words of hope echoed across North America yesterday from City 1 as key Administration figures of the continent announced a massive mobilization program which aims to finally stop the spread of the North American Excluzion Zone (NAEZ), effective immediately.

Two months ago, Administrator George W.B. referred to the NAEZ as "our world's greatest blight, left in the wake of one of humanity's darkest days." Yesterday, he stated during a public conference that "the NAEZ has long overstayed its welcome, and it's time that we pull together all that we can so we can finally put behind us our greatest disgrace."

While past Administration figures have insisted that such an effort could take years or even decades to complete, key figures of the newest mobilization plan have stated that, with the availability of new technology, their efforts may see results by the end of the year.

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Hole-Punched Sewers "Probably Not A Problem"
September 03, 2021 3:27 PM
CITY 107 (UBCN) - As City 107 floats through its reactivation process, some are experiencing its growing pains. "..hot water, exposed wiring, flickering lights, this is all normal for this part of the reactivation process." A local utility worker stated during an interview. "Seriously, it's fine. Just have some common sense and don't go into the damn sewers."

The statement comes after rumors of several individuals, typically unqualified and not known to have been for the Civil Administration, going missing after last being seen in or around 107's complex sewer system. "This is largely due to the fact that we have not yet fully restored some of the sewer's additions- such as maintenance lighting- and have not yet reconstructed various collapsed maintenance rooms or exit points. This leads to a lot of turns, detours, and dead-ends, which makes it easy for anyone who isn't trained in this line of work to get lost in." A public official stated on Wednesday.

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Is conflict behind us?
September 02, 2021 2:30 PM
(UBC NEWS) - Over the last 18 years, many have been wondering: Is conflict over for good?

"Without a doubt." Charles Morse, an expert on Sociology, said during an interview on last night's episode of One on One with Vandelay. "At least, any official conflict with regard for the old world's ideals... Look at their legacy; we have not so much thrown away or even lost those ideals, rather we were given the opportunity to let them adapt and grow under a versatile system in which we are all free to participate in."

"Ultimately, the only threat to world peace is powerless dictators and warlords in the making, who- rather than make sense of the world- would rather corrupt these values and the opportunities handed to them, instead preferring to take advantage of vulnerable people who are too afraid to seek help."

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