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NA Exclusion Zone Reclamation Efforts Under Way
September 01, 2021 4:32 AM

(UBC NEWS) - As the newest wave of evacuees from the West settles into their new homes, words of hope echoed across North America yesterday from City 1 as key Administration figures of the continent announced a massive mobilization program which aims to finally stop the spread of the North American Excluzion Zone (NAEZ), effective immediately as of yesterday.

Two months ago, Administrator George W.B. referred to the NAEZ as "our world's greatest blight, left in the wake of one of humanity's darkest days." Yesterday, he stated during a public conference that "the NAEZ has long overstayed its welcome, and it's time that we pull together all that we can so that we may finally put behind us the burdens of the Black Mesa Incident."

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